Casemaker Libra

Casemaker Libra is an online, searchable library of treatises, practice guides, coursebooks, deskbooks, and continuing legal education (CLE) materials collected from professional associations and other sources (collectively referred to as “publishers”), and linked directly to our Casemaker research system. Now as you search our primary law collections on Casemaker, you may access secondary materials related to your search as well.

Access to Casemaker Libra is by annual subscription. (No physical, print publications will be delivered.) The following subscription options are available:

  • The “All-Publications” collection containing all material in a particular publisher’s library
  • Practice area-specific collections within a publisher’s library
  • An individual publication in a publisher’s collection

A subscription to an “All-Publications” collection includes online access to all supplements, new editions, new titles, and selected CLE course materials released by a publisher during the term of the subscription. A practice area subscription includes online access to the aforementioned materials pertaining to that practice area released by a publisher during the term of the subscription.

All books and materials have been enhanced with links to Casemaker to official citations for cases, statutes, acts, administrative codes, etc. Full-text searching is available across Casemaker databases and all publications included in your Casemaker Libra subscription.

Users without access to Casemaker via a bar membership or private subscription will still be able to view the Casemaker document associated with a linked citation in Libra. In other words, you need not be a Casemaker user to be a Libra user and still access citation links to Casemaker. Casemaker users, however, have the following advantages:

  • leased books are made available in Casemaker via the ‘My Libra Books’ page
  • searches on Casemaker include results from your leased books as well as all Libra books
  • citation links from Libra to Casemaker result in full access to all Casemaker features (non-Casemaker users can only view the single document requested)

Trouble seeing all of Casemaker?

Sometimes you may find you cannot see the entire Casemaker screen. This could be due to your screen resolution, monitor or other factors. The quick and easy way to see your entire Casemaker screen is to hold down the CRTL key and hit the hyphen or minus key. Each time you hit the hyphen key while holding down the CTRL key your screen will “zoom out” – allowing you to see more of the Casemaker interface. If you want to zoom back in simply hold down CRTL and hit the plus key. This works in any browser and it works on sites other than Casemaker!

A Second Chance to get Free Access to International Legal Materials

Countdown! Mark your calendars! Do not miss this!

May 22nd-26th

vLex is giving Casemaker members a gift valued at $645 in free access to its global platform:

  • Case Law & Legislation for 100+ common & civil law countries
  • Digital Library of 8,000+ law journals, treatises, books & magazines
  • Automatic Translation into English
  • Full-text downloads
  • 500+ Databases aggregated into one platform & one subscription

Explore the largest collection of primary & secondary legal materials in the world on a cutting-edge platform powered by artificial intelligence.

vLex is a leading global online intelligence provider and the exclusive distributor for William S. Hein in Continental Europe and Latin America.

Access vLex via the Casemaker website

How to access the Free Trial:

  1. Casemaker users select the International Law by vLex tab in the left-hand column of the homepage
  2. On the vLex search page, simply begin a search on your topic of interest (ex. Divorce)
  3. A yellow alert box will open prompting you to Create a Free Account
  4. Creating your own account will allow you to customize your search preferences 
  5. Enjoy unlimited access to primary & secondary legal materials from 100+ countries during this free period of May 22-26!

Free Unlimited Access to vLex for Casemaker Users – 4/17-4/19

Casemaker has partnered with premier global legal intelligence provider vLex to give our users access to primary & secondary legal materials from over 100 countries, directly via the Casemaker platform.

To launch this partnership vLex is giving Casemaker users FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to their Global Platform from April 17th through April 19th.

Casemaker users are invited to explore:

  • Case Law and Legislation from 100+ countries
  • Library of 8,000+ books, treatises, peer-reviewed law journals & magazines from the world’s most prestigious publishers
  • Automatic translation feature into English & 12 other languages!
  • Full-text document downloads
  • SmartSearch engine & advanced functionalities
  • vCite: search using natural language
  • vSemantics: semantic search
  • vRank: relevance of search results is determined by an intelligent algorithm trained to rank document relevance in function of its legal relevance, editorial relevance, the evolution in the number of citations and its social ranking
  • Personalize your search experience
  • Save, label, share, highlight and take notes as you go

After the free trial Casemaker users will have three options for access to the vLex global platform depending on their needs:

  1. Create a FREE account (if one wasn’t already activated during the free trial) to search through vLex’s Global platform, and view search results with automatic translation for free
  1. Activate 24-hour UNLIMITED ACCESS to the vLex Global Platform by purchasing a Daily Passport for $129
  1. Contact vLex to receive information on different subscription plan options and take advantage of the 10% discount to Casemaker members!


vLex is a leading online global legal research platform with federal and state case law and legislation from 100+ countries, editorial content with daily analysis from 900+ collaborating publishers, all accessible in real time on our smart-search platform leveraged by machine learning.

vLex is the exclusive distributor for William S. Hein & Justis Publishing throughout Europe, Latin America & Puerto Rico.

With headquarters in Barcelona and Miami, vLex has offices in Madrid, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Lima and Santiago de Chile with representation in cities across the globe.

Over 120 professionals from more than 20 nationalities form a multicultural team that powers vLex. Learn more about vLex here:


Casemaker Partnering with vLex

We are proud to announce that Casemaker has teamed up with vLex.  Lluis Faus, vLex’s CEO, and Susan Cunningham, their Director of U.S. and Global Market Strategy, announced our joint licensing partnership at the ABA Midyear Meeting in Miami.  This partnership will give Casemaker users access to case law, legislation and legal materials from 100+ countries, as well as editorial content from 900+ publishers, directly via the Casemaker site.  Casemaker users will be able to search across vLex’s platform and view search results for free.  Unlimited vLex platform access can be purchased on a daily basis, or via subscription.  All search results and international materials will be available with automatic translation, with a display of the original document side-by-side with the translation requested and available in 13 languages.  This new feature should go live on the Casemaker site within the next month.

How does Casemaker stay Current?

Our headquarters in Charlottesville, VA has ten editors with over 275 years of experience in legal publishing. Data for State and Federal acts are obtained daily. The Acts are analyzed by a state editor, classified and effective dates determined.  Then they are processed into the code which includes amendments, enactments, repeals and re-numberings.  The code is then published. Data is converted and delivered to the editorial team within 24 hours of receipt and the Acts are published in Casemaker within 24 hours of receipt.  Statutes are updated and published within 7 business days of receipt of the Acts.  This means statutes are kept up-to-date throughout sessions; statutes have added editorial value such as linked history lines, effective dates for all states, sections set out twice for postponed amendments, and retention of repeals in most states for historical reference; and materials are quality checked for completeness and accuracy.

Announcement from the Maine State Bar

We at the Maine State Bar have always seen part of our mission as providing information that will help our members succeed. The decision to include Casemaker as a member benefit has served that mission.  Now we have an expanded opportunity with Casemaker to include access to Maine State Bar CLE events and Publications as a search result.

Casemaker Legal, our standard member research benefit has added access to their publications platform called Casemaker Libra to create a bridge between legal research and our books materials and CLE.  Our publications hosted at Casemaker Libra, searchable at Libra, are all linked to both primary law and associated webcasts through their linked course materials. A search at Casemaker will result in not only cases, codes and statutes but also upcoming and archived webcasts matching the search criteria.  This allows for us to maximize our offering of Casemaker as a free member benefit and offer additional legal resources.

Setting up Casemaker Digest

Wondering how to set up CasemakerDigest?

First, you will need to log into Casemaker, via the bar association’s website. Once on the Casemaker Homepage, you will see the Features tab in the blue navigation bar; you can click this tab and then click the link for CasemakerDigest to access the Digest system which will open in a new window.

On the CasemakerDigest page, you will see four icons in the top right section of the blue toolbar. One of these icons is for email; it looks like an envelope with the @ symbol on it. Click this icon.

The filters screen will open displaying your options. Here you can update or change current filters, delete filters you no longer want, and create new ones. For now, we will review adding a new filter.

To add a new filter, first, click the Add button. A new window will appear with filter and email options. First give your new filter a name in the top box. Then you can move on to set up what content you would like to receive.

You have a lot of options to choose from when setting up your CasemakerDigest content. You can set up your filters by:
Jurisdiction: This will also allow you select a jurisdiction including related Federal just like in Casemaker.
Court: This will narrow to a chosen court or courts.
Judge: This will give cases decided by a particular judge.
Category: Do you want Criminal or Civil? Both?
Practice Area: Here you can select the practice area that interests you.
Keyword: Looking for new cases that mention a particular word? Enter that word here.
Type: Published or Unpublished Opinions? Maybe both?
Keep in mind, you can also leave any of these options blank to get all the content in the category.

Next, you can set up the emails themselves.
Frequency: Daily or Weekly – How often do you want to get your emails?
Status: Inactive or Active – You can set your filter to Inactive or Active to tell the system if you want emails or not. Are you going to be out of the office a while? Do you want to run a filter only when you need it? Then set it to Inactive and no emails will be sent.
Schedule: This sends email summaries only during the dates you specify.

Finally, you can let CasemakerDigest know if you want any additional information in the Email Output Options.
For example, if there are no summaries you can decide to get an email telling you that, or you can opt out of that notification.
You can include information about the criteria of the filter you created if you would like. That criterion can appear at the top or bottom of the email you receive.
Informative statistics can be included if you wish, such as the number of summaries in the time frame of your emails. Again this information can appear at the top or bottom of the email.

After all of your selections have been made you can save your filter. Your filter now will be used to send an email of new cases on the schedule you specified.

You also can get an email manually at any time– simply click Run Now and CasemakerDigest will immediately send any emails that are relevant to your filter for the dates you selected.

These changes and new options are the first steps in a planned redesign of the CasemakerDigest system. We hope you find them helpful and we will keep you informed of more changes as they happen!