Security Options

Casemaker prides ourselves on being safe and secure – but we understand if you would like another layer of security. This is why we give you the option to add an additional password to Casemaker. Simply click Setup Password in the My Accounts section of Casemaker. Here you will be able to set a password and security question to further secure your research and notes.

Make a note of it!

You can add notes to any document you find in Casemaker. The note is unique to your account and cannot be seen by anyone else. When you are viewing a document you can add a note by clicking the “Notes” drop down in the light grey bar and then selecting “Add Note.” A new window will appear and you can type in what you wish. Once you are done typing click save. The note is the stored at the top of the document. You can use the same notes menu to determine if notes or visible or hidden. Clicking the pencil icon on the note will allow you to edit the note and to delete it permanently click the “x” icon

Need an older statute?

Do you need to find an older version of a statute? Casemaker can help!

There are two ways to see earlier versions of a statute. One is to pull up the current statute in Casemaker. Once you get to statute content you will notice at the top a tab that says “Archive.” Clicking on the “Archive” tab will give you any previous versions we have available.

The other method to find previous versions of statutes is to use the Archive tab on the home page. When you are viewing the list of states from the home page, just above the list of states is a tab labeled “Archive”. Click on that tab then choose “Statutes”. Next click the state you need previous versions of the statute in. From there you can browse any older versions of the statutes we have available.

Wondering if any cases cited that statute?

There are times you need to know if any cases mention a particular statute. Casemaker can help!

To see cases which reference a particular statute – pull up the statute in question to read the content. You will notice a bar running along the top of the statute. In that bar is a tab labeled “Annotator.” Clicking on this link will pull up any cases that cite the statute.