News from NABE – Partnerships and more

groupCasemaker attended the ABA NABE Mid-Year meeting and joined our partners to discuss exciting new developments in the legal technology field.

Greg Hoole with the Rulebook App, Rick Kabra with Cosmolex, and Peter Clifford with Mozato joined us this year to report on the new relationship we have with these companies and how they can be helpful to your members.

Rick Kabra reported on the newest relationship with Casemaker – Cosmolex. Casemaker users now have access to practice management to make it much easier for them to accurately bill clients for the time spent on legal research. A seamless integration with CosmoLex allows users to automatically track research time by client matter and assign it to client invoices, eliminating the “leakage” and billing compliance issues typically associated with legal research. This is a solution to a long standing point-of-pain for law firms – and one that will translate easily into an exciting value for your members. We will be setting up some webinars to show users how this new feature works within Casemaker soon.

innovGreg Hoole explained that Casemaker users can download the Rulebook app on their mobile device for easy access to court rules while they are away from their office. The key features of this app are an active table of contents, internal and external hyperlinks, currentness/reliability, surgical updating/work-product preservation, multitasking, search by terms and phrases, highlighting and numerous other features.

Peter Clifford with Mozato reported that his company has been providing an e-filing service for courts and lawyers for some years. Their new product, CaseEdge, is a collection of millions of pleadings filed in cases in courts all across the U.S. By the end of March, 2016, there should be pleadings representing every consortium state in the Casemaker library. Casemaker users will be able to review the first page of any pleading in the database at no charge. Each user will be able to download five full pleadings each month for free. A discounted rate of $1.99 per pleading will be charged if a member wants to download more than the five pleadings in any month. Casemaker users will also have the opportunity to sign up for a discounted paid subscription if they so desire for larger batches of pleadings and the other products CaseEdge offers. The availability of pleadings on Casemaker will allow users in many instances to save a large amount of time when preparing a cause of action, particularly if the action is one with which they have had little or no experience.

Casemaker looks forward to seeing you at the ABA Techshow where we will have more to share and discuss!