Setting up Casemaker Digest

Wondering how to set up CasemakerDigest?

First, you will need to log into Casemaker, via the bar association’s website. Once on the Casemaker Homepage, you will see the Features tab in the blue navigation bar; you can click this tab and then click the link for CasemakerDigest to access the Digest system which will open in a new window.

On the CasemakerDigest page, you will see four icons in the top right section of the blue toolbar. One of these icons is for email; it looks like an envelope with the @ symbol on it. Click this icon.

The filters screen will open displaying your options. Here you can update or change current filters, delete filters you no longer want, and create new ones. For now, we will review adding a new filter.

To add a new filter, first, click the Add button. A new window will appear with filter and email options. First give your new filter a name in the top box. Then you can move on to set up what content you would like to receive.

You have a lot of options to choose from when setting up your CasemakerDigest content. You can set up your filters by:
Jurisdiction: This will also allow you select a jurisdiction including related Federal just like in Casemaker.
Court: This will narrow to a chosen court or courts.
Judge: This will give cases decided by a particular judge.
Category: Do you want Criminal or Civil? Both?
Practice Area: Here you can select the practice area that interests you.
Keyword: Looking for new cases that mention a particular word? Enter that word here.
Type: Published or Unpublished Opinions? Maybe both?
Keep in mind, you can also leave any of these options blank to get all the content in the category.

Next, you can set up the emails themselves.
Frequency: Daily or Weekly – How often do you want to get your emails?
Status: Inactive or Active – You can set your filter to Inactive or Active to tell the system if you want emails or not. Are you going to be out of the office a while? Do you want to run a filter only when you need it? Then set it to Inactive and no emails will be sent.
Schedule: This sends email summaries only during the dates you specify.

Finally, you can let CasemakerDigest know if you want any additional information in the Email Output Options.
For example, if there are no summaries you can decide to get an email telling you that, or you can opt out of that notification.
You can include information about the criteria of the filter you created if you would like. That criterion can appear at the top or bottom of the email you receive.
Informative statistics can be included if you wish, such as the number of summaries in the time frame of your emails. Again this information can appear at the top or bottom of the email.

After all of your selections have been made you can save your filter. Your filter now will be used to send an email of new cases on the schedule you specified.

You also can get an email manually at any time– simply click Run Now and CasemakerDigest will immediately send any emails that are relevant to your filter for the dates you selected.

These changes and new options are the first steps in a planned redesign of the CasemakerDigest system. We hope you find them helpful and we will keep you informed of more changes as they happen!