Announcement from the Maine State Bar

We at the Maine State Bar have always seen part of our mission as providing information that will help our members succeed. The decision to include Casemaker as a member benefit has served that mission.  Now we have an expanded opportunity with Casemaker to include access to Maine State Bar CLE events and Publications as a search result.

Casemaker Legal, our standard member research benefit has added access to their publications platform called Casemaker Libra to create a bridge between legal research and our books materials and CLE.  Our publications hosted at Casemaker Libra, searchable at Libra, are all linked to both primary law and associated webcasts through their linked course materials. A search at Casemaker will result in not only cases, codes and statutes but also upcoming and archived webcasts matching the search criteria.  This allows for us to maximize our offering of Casemaker as a free member benefit and offer additional legal resources.