Casemaker Partnering with vLex

We are proud to announce that Casemaker has teamed up with vLex.  Lluis Faus, vLex’s CEO, and Susan Cunningham, their Director of U.S. and Global Market Strategy, announced our joint licensing partnership at the ABA Midyear Meeting in Miami.  This partnership will give Casemaker users access to case law, legislation and legal materials from 100+ countries, as well as editorial content from 900+ publishers, directly via the Casemaker site.  Casemaker users will be able to search across vLex’s platform and view search results for free.  Unlimited vLex platform access can be purchased on a daily basis, or via subscription.  All search results and international materials will be available with automatic translation, with a display of the original document side-by-side with the translation requested and available in 13 languages.  This new feature should go live on the Casemaker site within the next month.

How does Casemaker stay Current?

Our headquarters in Charlottesville, VA has ten editors with over 275 years of experience in legal publishing. Data for State and Federal acts are obtained daily. The Acts are analyzed by a state editor, classified and effective dates determined.  Then they are processed into the code which includes amendments, enactments, repeals and re-numberings.  The code is then published. Data is converted and delivered to the editorial team within 24 hours of receipt and the Acts are published in Casemaker within 24 hours of receipt.  Statutes are updated and published within 7 business days of receipt of the Acts.  This means statutes are kept up-to-date throughout sessions; statutes have added editorial value such as linked history lines, effective dates for all states, sections set out twice for postponed amendments, and retention of repeals in most states for historical reference; and materials are quality checked for completeness and accuracy.