Need an older statute?

Do you need to find an older version of a statute? Casemaker can help!

There are two ways to see earlier versions of a statute. One is to pull up the current statute in Casemaker. Once you get to statute content you will notice at the top a tab that says “Archive.” Clicking on the “Archive” tab will give you any previous versions we have available.

The other method to find previous versions of statutes is to use the Archive tab on the home page. When you are viewing the list of states from the home page, just above the list of states is a tab labeled “Archive”. Click on that tab then choose “Statutes”. Next click the state you need previous versions of the statute in. From there you can browse any older versions of the statutes we have available.

Wondering if any cases cited that statute?

There are times you need to know if any cases mention a particular statute. Casemaker can help!

To see cases which reference a particular statute – pull up the statute in question to read the content. You will notice a bar running along the top of the statute. In that bar is a tab labeled “Annotator.” Clicking on this link will pull up any cases that cite the statute.

Is your case still good?

There are two ways to see if a case has been treated negatively by subsequent cases in Casemaker. The first way is a feature called Citing References. Citing References provides a list of every case in Casemaker that has cited the original opinion and is available on the grey navigation bar displayed while viewing a case. You would need to review each of these cases to see if any case treated the original case negatively or not.

The second way is CaseCheck+. CaseCheck+ takes the Citing References feature one step further and will automatically indicate if any subsequent cases have negatively treated the original case and what the treatment is. A green thumbs up symbol indicates there is no subsequent negative treatment and a red thumbs down symbol indicates there is negative treatment in subsequent cases.

Casemaker Mobile Application Available

You can access Casemaker on the go. Visit the iTunes or Google Play store and download the Casemaker App to your iOS or Android device.

After downloading the Casemaker mobile application you will need to register online. Access the Casemaker website using your computer as you normally do. Once you have entered Casemaker look on the left side of the screen for the “Mobile Application” link. Clicking this will direct you to a form to fill out and submit to receive a reference code. Now, open the mobile application on your device. You will be asked for a username and password or for a reference code. Your username is the email address you used to register the mobile application. Your password is the reference code you received when you registered. Please note that the reference code is case-sensitive.

That is all it takes to have the comprehensive power of Casemaker in the palm of your hand.

New Data in Casemaker

Casemaker is always adding new data so you have the information you need. We recently expanded our database to also include:

  • Workers’ Comp Decisions in Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
  • Environmental Hearing Decisions in the Pennsylvania.
  • Office of General Counsel Formal Opinions in Alabama.
  • Administrative Registers in all states that have them.